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Swineshead - Lincolnshire

Pigot & Co.'s History, Gazetteer and Directory 1828-29

A parish and small market town, in the wapentake of Kirton, and division of Holland, is 113 miles N. from London and 7 west of Boston. The church, dedicated to St. Mary, is a handsome building with a lofty spire; and the living is a discharged vicarage, in the patronage of Trinity College, Cambridge. Here is besides a chapel for the methodists, and a charity school, founded, and endowed by T. Cowley, in 1720, for the instruction of 35 children. 

The sea formerly came up to the town, and there was a haven near to the present Market-place; and, about 30 years ago, a bridge was taken down, which crossed a navigable river, now choked up. Not more than 70 years since the state of this part of the country was such, that in wet seasons, strangers travelling from hence to Seaford were obliged to take a guide. 

King John lost all his baggage and barely escaped with his life, whilst crossing the Cross Keys wash near this place. 

The weekly market is chartered to be holden on Thursday, but so little business is now done, out of the ordinary course, that it is scarcely recognised as a market day. the parish contained, in 1821, 1,696 inhabitants.

POST OFFICE, Mary Spring, Post Mistress - Letters are despatched at one in the afternoon, and arrive at twelve at noon.



Allen Mrs

Bolland Rev. Wilson

Calthrop Richard, gent.

Cooper Thomas, gent.

Doughty Miss

Gilicat James. gent

Moss John, gent.

Wilson James, gent.

Wilson Richard odlan (surgeon)


Cunnington John

Gill Eleanor

Hudson Mary

Root Thomas

SWINESHEAD CHARITY SCHOOL-Richard Ridgeway, master


Barge Inn, William Barns

Black Ball, William Fox

Black Swan, William Warsop

Golden Ball, Samuel Holland

Golden Cross, Ann Thornton

Green Dragon, George Cook

Griffin, Elizabeth Sumptor 

King's Head, Edward Watson

Red Lion, John Thornton

Wheat Sheaf, John Jessop


Adelsee John, carpenter

Alford Wm. baker & flour dealer

Aspland Joseph, butcher

Barns Wm. grocer, draper & tallow chandler

Bescoby Wm. carpenter & cabinet maker

Brown Wm. carpenter & builder

Carpenter Jno. baker & flour dealer

Coleman Richard, carpenter 

Cook John, brewer

Cowham Hy. Jno. druggist, grocer & draper

Crown Martin, butcher

Cumberworth Henry, blacksmith

Cuthbert Robert, miller

Dawson Samuel, brazier

Elwood John, saddler

falkner Ts. fruiterer & confectioner

Godbehere Wm. grocer & draper

Harris Wm. blacksmith

Horner Joseph, plumber, painter & glazier

Ingall Robert, butcher

Jafford Samuel, wheelwright

Jessop James, baker & miller

Jessop John, brewer 


Johnson William, rope & twine maker

Knight John, shoemaker & grocer

Mee William, tailor & draper

Moor Ann, milliner & dress maker

Moor Leonard, basket maker

Rastall Thos. baker & flour dealer

Reddish Wm. Dolby, grocer & draper

Sandall John, butcher, Stennett

Sansom Joseph, baker & flour dealer

Sansom Robert, grocer & draper

Sparrow David, shoemaker

Spinks Rt. stonemason & bricklayer

Spring Wm. collarmaker & tawer

Stubley Edward, baker & miller

Stately Richard, wheelwright

Tyler Wm. stonemason & bricklayer

Walton Wm. watch & clock make

Weselby William, wheelwright


To BOSTON, William Cook and John Allbones, from their own houses, every Wednesday and Saturday

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