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Gilbert of Hoyland (11??–1172?) was a twelfth-century abbot of Swineshead Abbey, the Cistercian monastery, between about 1147 and his death in 1172. Swineshead had been a member of the monastic order of Savigny, which joined the Cistercian Order in 1147. Gilbert apparently went to Swineshead to help the community adopt Cistercian usages.


Herbert Ingram Herbert Ingram (27 May 1811  – 8 September 1860) was a British journalist and politician. He is considered the father of pictorial journalism through his founding of The Illustrated London News. He was a Liberal politician who favoured social reform and represented Boston for four years until his early death in a shipping accident.  He was instrumental in bringing the railways and fresh piped water to the village. His son became a lord, and the family were given the Ingram Baronetcy of Swineshead Abbey.

Christopher 'Chris' Charles Eric Woods (born 14 November 1959 in Swineshead, Lincolnshire) is a former England international football goalkeeper, who played in the Football League and Premier League for Nottingham Forest, Queens Park Rangers, Norwich City, Sheffield Wednesday, Reading, Southampton and Burnley, in the Scottish Football League for Rangers, and in Major League Soccer for the Colorado Rapids.  Christopher   'Chris' Charles Eric Woods