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Another of Swineshead's 'remote' settlements, Baythorpe is still a farming community and stands at the entrance to the village from the Swineshead Road (A52). The Boston Road runs past Baythorpe and into the North End of the Village.

The most prominent building is Baythorpe Farm, home of Ms. Lawson-Smith, the owner of the Manwarings, but several smaller dwellings combine to form an interesting group. Baythorpe, like Drayton and Fenhouses, is characterised by 'space' and its interest would be dramatically reduced by any attempt at 'infilling'.

'The Lodge' stands at the entrance to the public footpath past the Manwarings, one of Swineshead's four Scheduled Ancient Monuments. Known as 'Love Lane' the path leads all the way to the village centre.

The Manwarings, English Heritage Scheduling No.22744, is a double-ditched, flat-topped mound and moated bailey believed to have been constructed in the twelth century by the de Gresley family, lords of the manor of Swineshead. There is also a suggestion that it was a possible residence of Turkil the Dan or Hubba the Dane during the reign of Canute 1016-10?.


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The Lion Pub aka Ragland House, corner of Boston Road opposite Concreation Garden Centre


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