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North End Mill

Windmills in Swineshead

North End Mill is a 3 stage tower windmill built in 1821, on the site of an earlier mill, which worked until the 1930s, when the sails blew off.  It is now Grade II listed.


In its working days it had three floors, two pairs of milling stones, a white painted ogee cap, a fantail and four sails on a round brick tower. On Friday 8 February 1929, Bill Reynolds who lived opposite the mill, witnessed the sails come off the mill in severe winter gale force winds. After the storm, a brick building with a slate roof was erected in the mill yard. Mill stones were installed driven by a large stationery engine fuelled bay paraffin. In 1932 one of the cogs which controlled the sails mechanism broke, which meant from then on the sails could only be used when the wind blew from one direction.


In the 19th century the mill’s ownership changed hands at least three times. The last working owners were Walter Smith and family who owned it for 72 years from 1911 to 1983. In 1983 Collingwood Smith sold the mill to David Bent who began restoring it using parts salvaged from other mills.

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